Sunday, May 28, 2017
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Broken News

Bill O’Reilly

Supposedly, the Chinese or the Arabs or the Scientologists or one of those ancient inscrutable cultures, has a saying that goes “May you live in interesting times.” It is generally considered to be a curse. And America right now is living in the most interesting of times.

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Journalism - The New Subversion


So the New Subversion, according to the BBC, is the tactic of “Stealing information and releasing it” – notice the careful use of the word “releasing” – not ‘selling’ or ‘passing on to a foreign power’.

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Saudi-Iranian rivalry fuels potential nuclear race

Saudi Arabia is developing nuclear energy and potentially a nuclear weapons capability.

Saudi-Iranian rivalry

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Nazi Germany’s (and America’s) Drug War


In reading an interesting review of a book entitled “Hitler’s Little Helper” in last Sunday’s New York Times, I was struck by the following sentence, “Ohler documents the persistent intertwining of anti-Semitic rhetoric with the Nazis’ war on drugs, the laws passed in 1933 that threatened addicts with imprisonment and sterilization, and the encouragement to neighbors and co-workers to denounce habitual users — especially of cocaine and morphine — to the police.”

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University of Terror


Some days ago, a man committed an act of terrorism in the center of London, a city I love. He ran over several persons on Westminster Bridge, stabbed a policeman to death and approached the doors of Parliament, where he was shot dead.

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