Wednesday, March 29, 2017
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Immigration Chaos and the Troops


Amidst all the furor over President Trump’s immigration edicts, there is one important thing that every American should keep in mind: There is a much easier and simpler solution to the threat of anti-American terrorism, which is the excuse that Trump is using for his immigration edicts: Just bring the troops home from the Middle East and Afghanistan and stop shooting, bombing, and firing missiles at anyone in those parts of the world, including ISIS, al-Qaeda, and everyone else. Just come home and leave everyone over there alone.

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‘Isolationist’ Trump Rattles His Saber

Donald Trump

A few libertarians and other principled opponents of the warfare state assured us we likely would sleep easier with Donald Trump, rather than any neoconservative or humanitarian interventionist, in the White House. How’s that working out? Not so well. I’m hoarding melatonin and buying stock in Lunesta.

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Trump, the Media and Muddled Morals

Donald Trump

Fake Moral Outrage

In the Mainstream Media (MSM) there presently is an imposing impression of international uproar and moral outrage suggesting the imminent demise of a newly‑elected President. Nothing like it was observed when pomp and circumstance was afforded the state visit to the UK of George Bush junior, mired in the blood of Iraqis and pungent with the stink of lies and deceit.

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Skewered and Plattered


Shattered. Splattered. Scattered. Battered. Tattered. Skewered and plattered. Barely mattered. That was the Democrats after November’s election. But surely in the months since, they’d come together to stand aligned in the face of the flaky imperiousness of our so- called President. You’d think. And ripe bananas make a fine masonry grout. 

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Yemen and at the Bay of Pigs

William Owens

NBC News is reporting that contrary to what U.S. officials have been maintaining, the goal of the recent U.S. military attack in Yemen was not to capture computers but rather to kill or capture a man named Qassim al-Rimi, the head of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, who U.S. officials say, is the third most dangerous terrorist in the world.

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