Tuesday, April 24, 2018
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World Cup Frenzyless

World CupNow let me get this straight. The World Cup is the most exciting sporting event on the face of the planet, right? Okay, then. What’s second place; the New England Spinsters Knitting Circle Seniors Tour? Which would make Supermodels Filling In Crossword Puzzles With Leaky Ink Pens a close third. Let’s not forget those scintillating Midnight Coastal Colombian Tarantula Crawl- Offs.

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When Criminals Rule The World


There is probably a potential Doctoral thesis in Philosophy in making a formal argument for the case, but around us today there is a lot of evidence to suggest that when criminals take control of the reigns of power, perhaps to the point of ruling the world, then it becomes inevitable that ordinary, decent people will be criminalized. I say inevitable because the most decent among them feel compelled to resist the criminality of power and power, in response, uses the force of law to restrain them.

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Deteriorating Conditions for Israeli Arab Citizens

Israeli Arab CitizensIn April 2010, the Mossawa Advocacy Center for Arab Citizens in Israel published a report titled, "One Year for Israel's New Government and the Arab Minority in Israel," assessing the climate for Israeli Arabs - citizens comprising 20% of the population but none of the rights and protections afforded Jews.

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Saudi Arabia: Betrayal of the Islamic world


King AbdullahThe Saudi Arabia's Malek Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz, whose clandestine connection with the families of Osama Bin Laden and George W. Bush have made him a notorious and unpopular figure in the Islamic world has recently made unbelievably controversial remarks which leaved no doubt that this tyrannical monarch is moving towards ushering himself as the new stooge of the United States in the Persian Gulf region.

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U.S. Docs Withheld Medical Care to Prisoners

StethoscopeAmerican doctors in the Middle East routinely approved the torture of captured suspects and denied them critical medications such as insulin, sometimes with lethal consequences, according to a documented report published in the 'Utne Reader.'

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