Wednesday, September 20, 2017
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Brave Israeli Commandos Slaughter Aid Activists at Sea

Slaughter Aid Activists at SeaEven America's major media can't duck a crime this grave - attacking and slaughtering up to 20 Gaza Freedom Flotilla activists and injuring dozens more.

New York Times writer Isabel Kershner headlined 'At Least 10 Killed as Israel Intercepts Aid Flotilla, saying:

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Hebrew Culture for Dummies

apartheid-for-dummiesIn the last few days Israel was singled out by the Nuclear Non-Proliferation conference's decision to note Israel as a country's whose facilities must be regulated as 'fundamentally wrong and duplicitous.' This happens for a reason. As much as Israel insists to operate as a modernised high-tech Jewish Ghetto, it also persists in being the biggest threat to world peace.

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The Third Gulf War

oil rigThe President may have wrestled Afghanistan and Iraq to shaky standoffs but the newest skirmish in the heads- up display of Air Force One shows him losing the third Gulf war and losing bad. Taking shots from both sides- from both sides. Republicans are yelling at Obama for holding BP responsible for the Deepwater Horizon disaster AND for not doing enough to clean it up. That man sure is a geographic oddity. On two wrong sides of the same issue. Which ain’t easy.

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Rwandan Arrest of U.S. Lawyer Motivated by Politics

Professor Peter Erlinder, criminal defense lawyer and past president of the National Lawyers GuildProfessor Peter Erlinder, noted criminal defense lawyer and past president of the National Lawyers Guild, was arrested Friday morning in Rwanda for “genocide ideology.” Erlinder’s representation of high-profile defendants before the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) has incurred the wrath of government officials, who have charged him with “negation of the Tutsi genocide” for mounting defenses of his clients that conflict with the government party line about who was responsible for the 1994 genocide.

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One Billion Dollar Photo-Op

G8 meetings in TorontoThe G 20 and G8 meetings in Toronto and Huntsville, Ontario, scheduled for late June will cost Canadian taxpayers one billion dollars.

These meetings happen regularly and one thing they have in common is that nothing ever comes out of them. They are completely useless. Real Politik happens behind closed doors with lawyers and lobbyists. It does not happen at G 20 meetings. This is all aimed to spoon feed innocent bystanders enough pabulum to keep us docile. 

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