Sunday, January 21, 2018
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King and Emperor

Tzipi Hotovely

Zionism is an anti-Semitic creed. It was so right from the beginning.

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Does the Israeli-Saudi Alliance plans a War against Iran?


Israel, the USA, and Saudi Arabia are doing everything to lay the foundations for war against Iran. That is why Iran and its people must be demonized and dehumanized. The Israeli governments have been doing this since the Shah of Iran was overthrown by the Iranian people.

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The Betraying Arab League


Once again, the Arab League woke up from its deep slumber on November 19th 2017. The League was in a deep paralyzing sleep despite the urgent need for its duties to deal and to solve the issues inflicting the Arab World such as the threat of the terrorist groups, the Zionist Israeli brute oppression of Palestinian Arabs and the usurping of their farm land to build Israeli colonies, the holocaustic starving siege against Gaza Strip Palestinians, the Saudi/Qatari conflict, and the Saudi aggression against Yemen; all are urgent crises within the Arab World in need of resolutions.

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Parallel Universes: Vietnam and Palestine


Not surprisingly, my sixth visit to Vietnam stirred many memories, among them, a recognition of the parallels between the Vietnamese and Palestinian experiences, two peoples who have meant so much to me over the course of my adult lifetime.

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A Terrible Thought

Avi Gabbay

Suddenly, a terrible thought struck me. What if Avi Gabbay really believes what he is saying? Impossible. He cannot really believe all those things. No, no.

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Fire and Fury, by Michael Wolff

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Protests in Iran should be taken seriously

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